Hello and welcome to our website

In New Zealand there is no ground-swell of women moving into senior leadership roles, which, equals ‘lost opportunity for our economy’. We exist to fill this gap.

When we peeled back the layers to discover the reason why – what we found at the core was a deep lack of confidence stemming from early to mid-stages of the career journey. So that is what we are here to build.

We chose the word Valens because of its meaning, strong, powerful, able, the only word that was missing was BACKED. We are a support system for women in the workplace, our quest is to build confidence together by sharing our experiences, by learning and becoming empowered.

Everyone is welcome to become part of a tribe which has been developed with the ethos of serving ourselves and each other.

If you are in the workplace and if you wish to develop real confidence for the purpose of achieving your utmost – please do sign up to our database so we can send you information on our next event.